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The Forever & Always Garden 

Derriford Hospital

The Phoebe Hoskin Trust have taken over responsibility for the memorial garden at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth. This will be a space for families to use for moments of reflection and peace. 


What is the forever and always garden.


The forever and always garden is a beautiful space at Derriford hospital where families can go to remember their children that they have lost. At the garden families can place meaningful items at the garden that they can visit and reflect on their loved one.

Why is it called the Forever and Always Garden?

Back in June 2020, when Phoebe was first born, myself ( Phoebe's mum) and Phoebe dad would spend a lot of time at the hospital receiving bad news, during this time I would say to Phoebe no matter what happens,  I will love you forever and always. Since losing Phoebe I will say this when I am thinking of her.

Seeing and hearing these words will always hold a special place in our hearts.


We hope this garden will hold a special place in your hearts too. 

Citrus Fruits


The Forever & Always Garden, Derriford Hospital

Derriford Road


Memory wall 

In September 2023, The phoebe Hoskin trust wanted to do place something in the garden, so show how proud we are of everyone we have lost and show that time will pass but we will forever be proud of them. 

As a charity we believe that we need to say their names, they will never be forgotten or hidden. 

If you would like your childs or children name on the memory wall, Please contact us via the website or social  media. All names that are added to the memory wall are hand name with care and love 

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