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Memory Boxes

Each box is hand packed and will contain a variety of trinkets that will allow families to create precious memories with their loved ones in their final moments. Jade and Sam found that there was little time to think about making these memories. We hope that each box will play a small part in prolonging the memory of your loved one and assist in a lonely time. 

What is in our boxes

Glass Jar - This is to keep a little bit of your loved one’s hair

Teddy - This is to give them comfort when going on their journey

Two little blankets - These are to swap and share with your loved one so you are able to keep the scent around for a long time

Candle - This is a handmade candle to light in your darkest days

Scrap Book - This is to create something you can keep close, to keep memories safe.

Handprint Kit - You can take a print of your loved one’s hands or feet, so you

can always remember

Photo Frame - This is to keep a picture of your loved one in or to keep the handprint safe

Butterflies - You can plant these so you can see wild flowers and think of your loved one.

Certificate folder- This is to keep all your precious documents safe.

Letter - A letter from me to you

Sponsor A Box

If you would like to pledge your continued support to The Phoebe Hoskin Trust, you can kindly "sponsor a box". A one off donation of £30 cover the cost of one full box and offer direct to support to families who need it during their difficult times.


To find out more about how to do this, please contact us via email.

Request a Memory Box

Whether you are an individual wanting to request a memory box or an institution wanting to be supplied / stock memory boxes, please get in touch.

Thanks for submitting!

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