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NG tube boxes 
Nasogastric Intubation

Why have we started to support families that support children with an NG tube.

For families and the children that have an NG tube it can be very overwhelming and scary, When our daughter Phoebe first had her NG tube, we found people would looking and not understand what this tube was coming from her nose. We would be asked a lot of question like "why does she have that" " should she be out with that tube"

Well we are here to show the world and the families that are support children with an NG tube that they are not scary but in fact they are beautiful. 

Who is this 

This is Norman

Norman is our NG tube mascot, He loves a cuddles and his pictures being taken.

Keep an eye out for Norman. Come and have a picture 

What are in our boxes 

  • A very own mascon of your own 

  • Activity book 

  • Ng tube pouch 

  • Cheeky Ng tube stickers 

  • Create your own NG tube bag 

  • Colour pens 

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